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        Half cutting press juice extractor

        Product details

        Half cutting press juice extractor inroduction:

        The equipment is our company digests and absorbs the foreign advanced technology development and the special juicing equipment, is suitable for the hundred fragrant fruit, citrus, lemon, orange or similar fruit continuous automatic juicing.All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel 304.After grade oil of citrus, lemon, orange fruit, into the machine after (passion fruit directly into), through the pressure type conveying mechanism, the entire fruit continuous automatic cut in two, and through the inside of the net to take out the pulp, and can automatically fruit, fruit juice, fruit slag separation.

        Processing capacity: 5 tons/hour;

        Processed fruit: thyme, orange, citrus or similar fruit;

        Function: automatic flap cutting, automatic peel, juice and seed separation;








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