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        Double head BIB aseptic filling machine

        Product details

        Product introduction:

             The double head BIB aseptic filling machine is mainly applicable to the aseptic filling and filling of fruit and vegetable juice, jam, concentrated products, dairy products and other viscous or non-viscous fluids.This equipment is a new product specially developed for 1-30l packaging by our company integrating Italian technology. It has high degree of automation and quick action efficiency, and can be operated by a single person.After spray sterilization, the filling action of each bag can be completed within 2 seconds, and the bag can be finished within 2 seconds after filling.Double switch, filling material zero reflux (such as first in filling at the same time, the two do bag, bag after the completion of the injection steam sterilization on the bag mouth, for the first filling end, aseptic filling valve switch to the first two).

        The two-head BIB aseptic irrigation machine is mainly composed of aseptic filling system, flow (quality) measurement system, belt (engineering plastics) conveying system, computer PLC control system and operation platform.The packaging bag is made of aluminum plastic composite aseptic bag (1L-30L).Using the steam jet method of sterilization and filling room, then observe to ensure the filling room is always in a sterile state, sterile mouth sterilization, open, filling and sealing are done in a sterile environment.It is suitable for sterile filling and filling of fruit and vegetable juice, jam or other viscous or non-viscous liquids such as concentrated products and dairy products.The CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization process of the equipment can be combined with the front-end sterilizer, so it doesn't need to be cleaned and sterilized separately.

        The whole machine is made of high quality 304L/316L material, and the pipeline layout is reasonable without dead Angle.The circulating steam and compressed air are discharged from the sterile filling workshop through the corresponding pipe.

        Basic parameters:

        Model: yz-d-2

        Filling capacity: 300-5000kg /Hr

        Can be filled aseptic bag range: 1 Liter-30 Liter

        Maximum filling speed: 400 bags /H (taking 5L volume as an example)

        Motor power: 1.6kw.

        Measurement method: the filling volume error is less than 0.5% with the cologne flowmeter measurement method in Germany.

        Compressed air consumption: 70M3/Hr (> 0.6mpa).

        Steam consumption: 40Kg/Hr (greater than 4kg/cm2).

        Dimensions: 2500*1000*1900MM (length * width * height)




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