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        The difference between aseptic big bag filling machine and BIB aseptic small bag filling machine

        Date:2017-08-25 Author:銀洲機械 Click:604

        Differences and advantages between BIB aseptic filling machine and aseptic big bag filling machine:

        1. Small packaging within 30L in the same type of sterile large bag filling machine cannot reach the national standard with accuracy, and the filling volume error of this machine is plus or minus 0.5%.

        2. The BIB aseptic filling machine is specially designed for filling 1-30l aseptic small package, which can withstand the frequency of filling small bags.If you use the aseptic big bag filling machine to fill the small bag packaging, usually within a week, there will be a series of failures such as parts stuck, unsmooth operation and so on.And once the phenomenon of card death occurs, the frequency of card death will gradually increase.There may even be more than 30 minutes of dead time within an hour, unable to fill normally.

        3. The action of the aseptic sack filling machine efficiency slow, mechanical action and mechanical action before out of the bag after bagging needed about 18 seconds (measured data according to my company, big bag filling maneuver time), our company launched special BIB sterile pouch filling machine only four seconds of a complete set of movements.

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