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        What are the products of fruit processing?

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        Fruit processing is the processing of fruit through a variety of processes, so that fruit to achieve long-term preservation, use and take.In processing to maximize its nutrients, improve the edible value, make the processed products of color, aroma, taste nice, organization form more hasten is perfect, further commercialization of the fruit processing products level.According to the biological characteristics of fruit raw materials, the corresponding process can be adopted to make a large number of processed products, which can be divided into the following six categories according to the characteristics of manufacturing process and finished products:

        (1) dried fruit: this kind of product is dried fruit after dehydration, such as raisins, dried apples, dried peaches, dried apricots, dates, persimmon cake, persimmon pendant, etc.

        (2) sugar products: this kind of products is made by processing fruits with high concentration of sugar.Products containing more sugar, belong to high - sugar products.Fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally dried or artificially dried, reducing their moisture content to a certain extent (fruits 15-25%, vegetables 3-6%).Our products include preserved fruit, preserved fruit, fruit puree, jelly, jam, fruit skin, etc.

        (3) fruit juice and jam: this kind of product is to press or exchange the juice of the fruit, after sealing sterilization or concentration, and then seal sterilization and storage.Its flavor and nutrition are very close to fresh fruit, and it is the most natural preserved product in fruit processing.According to the production process, it is divided into clarified juice, cloudy juice, concentrated juice, granule juice, juice syrup, juice powder and solid beverage.

        (4) canned fruit: after being cleaned, sorted and processed, the fruit is put into a certain container, degassed and sealed and sterilized by high temperature, that is, the so-called canned fruit.Due to its good sealing performance, the microorganism cannot be immersed and can be stored for a long time.Canned apples in syrup, canned pears in syrup, etc.In addition, fruit juice, jam, jelly, fruit wine, dry products, sugar products are often packaged in jars.

        (5) ferment fruit wine: use natural or artificial yeast to make juice or pulp for alcoholic fermentation, and finally produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, forming enzymes and alcoholic beverages.Such as mulberry enzyme, FIG enzyme, wine, apple wine, orange wine, brandy, champagne and other fruit wine.

        (6) fruit vinegar: the fruit is fermented by acetic acid into fruit vinegar.Fruit vinegar is made from a wide variety of materials, almost all fruits can be made vinegar.The production of fruit vinegar is often made by the use of secondary fruit, rotten fruit, peel, fruit heart, wine feet and so on.Such as apple vinegar, persimmon vinegar.

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