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        What kinds of raw materials and common varieties are used in juice processing?

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        The main fruit varieties suitable for processing fruit juice in our country can be divided into four categories: kernel fruit, kernel fruit, citrus fruit and soft fruit.

        The fruits of benevolence are mainly apples and pears, and the fruits of nuts are represented by peaches and apricots, as well as plums and cherries.Citrus can be divided into sweet orange and sour orange. The main varieties of sweet orange are wenzhou honey, navel orange, blood orange and low acid sweet orange.There are also berries (blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, etc.) and cassis (currants, blueberries), kiwi and strawberry.

        In addition, it can be divided into temperate fruits, subtropical fruits and tropical fruits according to the growing area of fruit.

        (1) apple processing apple varieties can be divided into two categories, namely, wine making juice varieties. The former requires a certain amount of tannin and a large amount of sugar in apples.The latter requires high acidity, high sugar, high acid is the most ideal, high juice rate, low tannin content.

        (2) citrus juice is mainly orange juice.The requirement for raw materials is that the juice is fresh orange yellow, rich flavor, suitable for saccharic acid ratio, less nucleus or no nucleus, high juice yield.The varieties suitable for making juice include golden orange in sichuan, sweet orange in hunan, peach leaf orange in hubei, and snow orange in guangxi.

        (3) peach tree cultivation originated in the northwest shaanxi province of China.Peach is mainly produced in China, Italy, the United States and Spain, its processing products in addition to cans, mainly peach juice and peach pulp.Northern variety group: mainly distributed in north China, northwest China, central China, the top of the fruit protruding, large fruit shape, hard flesh, more transport resistance.Southern variety group: commonly known as peach, fruit top round or slightly concave, fruit for solute, soft juicy, not resistant to storage and transportation, such as water honey, five earthquakes, big long bao, etc.Yellow meat population: the main characteristics of the skin, yellow to orange flesh, dense meat.

        (4) the variety resources of pear are very rich in China. Currently, varieties used for processing pears mainly include, yali, dangshan yak, shorteng pear, snow pear, Beijing white pear and apple pear.The most famous processing variety in foreign countries is pear.Fresh pear varieties on the market have too low acid content, but some pear varieties with low improvement degree have higher acid content, slight astringency and juicy taste, which are suitable for pear juice drink.The biggest characteristic of pear against fruit juice processing is that the fruit heart is large, the stone cell content in the fruit meat is large and the meat is hard, the content of water-soluble protein and calcium and magnesium is high.As a result, the equipment wears out quickly and the color of fruit juice becomes darker and unstable.Pear juice processing generally choose small and juicy hard varieties for good, the direct consumption of a variety of soft varieties of pear is difficult to process.Due to its soft texture and lack of phenolic compounds, it has a bad smell and contains less acid.For the benefit of the juice must be picked before the pear is tender and ripe.Avoid mechanical damage and Browning when picking.Because the pear juice is not sour enough, it needs to be acidic when necessary.

        (5) kiwi fruit is rich in juice, which can not only be processed into juice, pulp and wine, but also can be processed into canned fruit, jelly, preserved fruit, dried fruit and powdered fruit.

        (6) grape varieties can be generally divided into two categories, namely fresh food varieties and processed varieties.Fresh fruit varieties should have large ears, larger grape fruit grains, thicker skin, more juice, compact skin and meat, low acid, high sugar acid, sweet and sour taste, beautiful and durable outside

        Transportation.Among the processed varieties, the color is bright, the fruit grain is medium dense, the grain is large, the juice is rich, the acid is low sugar high, the skin thin fragrant thick grape suitable to make the juice;Generally suitable for wine production, it is difficult to accept the small panicle, compact grain, small grain and strong acid.

        (7) there are about 70 varieties of pineapples, which can be divided into four groups, namely, queen species, capua species, Spanish species and Puerto Rico species.Suitable for processing and popular in the market is the seed of caine.In China's guangdong and guangxi areas, the good performance of fresh food processing and processing of both use and processing of pineapple varieties include tainong 16, perfume pineapple, winter honey pineapple and apple pineapple.In order to maintain the fresh flavor of pineapple juice, it is better to use high temperature instantaneous heating or related non-thermal processing technology, rather than the traditional thermal processing method.Most of the pineapple juice sold in European countries is muddy juice, while in North America, they prefer clear juice.Pineapples are used to make beverages, especially when producing frozen concentrate, that can significantly preserve fruit flavors.

        (8) strawberry is popular among consumers for its bright color, soft and juicy, sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition. It can be eaten fresh or processed.Strawberries are so sensitive to bacteria that they have to be refrigerated.Ripe, dark red and well-preserved fruit must be used in the processing.Green, immature berry with a bitter, grassy taste.Rotten berries can affect flavor, and the color changes dramatically, turning brown.

        (9) apricot is a kind of fruit originally produced in China and cultivated for a long time.In the past, apricot was almost dried or made into apricot breast sales, apricot juice and apricot pulp has become the main direction of deep processing apricot.The processing varieties of apricot are divided into apricot for benevolence and apricot for meat. Generally, apricot for meat is used for making juice.

        These are just some of the most commonly used fruits. There are many other fruits that can be used to make juice and pulp, such as passion fruit, prickly pear, sea-buckthorn, figs and so on.

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