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        Prickly pear juice processing line

        Product details

        Pear juice production line introduction:

        Our company is specialized in manufacturing pear juice concentrate and processing equipment, pear juice drink processing equipment, the whole line processing equipments, pear juice processing line,pear fruit processing equipments.

        With prickly pear as the raw material, through the fruit cleaning, crushing, juicing, separation, deenzyme, mixing, clarification, degassing, sterilization, filling and other processes, finally obtained the prickly pear juice and a series of products.

        Thorn pear juice processing production line of a complete set of all parts contacting with materials are of 304 stainless steel material, the whole production line since broken fruit, material handling in a closed environment, through the preheating, broken, digestion, separation, enrichment, sterilization, filling and aseptic environment, maximum limit retained the original flavor and nutrition of raw materials.

        The operation control part of the prickly pear juice processing production line adopts automatic control system, automatic fault alarm system, all-round safety guarantee mechanism, and guarantee the safety of equipment and personnel.All electronic control system parts are from international famous brands, such as Siemens, omron, etc.

        Thorn pear juice processing production line of steam control various types of valves are used the world's famous brand steam control system sent her, control precision, high reliability, thorn pear juice using advanced biological enzymolysis and biological flocculation precipitation technology, could obtain the maximum level of thorn pear juice, and ensure the effective nutrients loss in thorn pear juice, juice can be degraded along with preserved, is the real "nutrition" all fruit juice.

        Pear juice processing line technology:



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