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        Global functional beverage development and new product development forecast

        Date:2017-07-28 Author: Click:788

           Drink is the biggest demands of consumers, vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine and plant extracts, contains no preservatives, natural, organic, low content of positioning (low sugar, low cholesterol, low heat) products and is advantageous to the heart, intestines and stomach healthy organic health fruit juice, adding dietary fiber products will continue to be popular and there is a growing trend.

        The development status of special beverage in Europe and America

        Since 2011, functional drinks (China officially called a special purpose drink, beverage general rules was divided into sports drinks, nutrients, drinks and other special-purpose beverage, such as beauty, weight loss, eye, antioxidant and so on.Energy drinks are called energy drinks in Japan) and sports drinks have shown great vitality and development prospects in European and American markets.

        According to the data, in the European and American markets, energy drinks have definitely 

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