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        Domestic and foreign dairy products preservation and disinfection technology

        Date:2017-07-28 Author: Click:866

         Hydrostatics high pressure sterilization

        The state university of Oregon MichaelC. Qian and his colleagues point out that UHT sterilization can be produced in the normal temperature preservation up to 6 months of milk, but milk causes cooking flavor, the main reason for the unpopular in the United States.In the early days of the journal of agricultural and food chemistry, in a paper published bi-weekly, they introduced a hydrostatic pressure disinfection method (highhydro - staticpressureprocessing (HPP)), the milk sterilized under high pressure, no cooking to keep milk fresh taste.Milk under the pressure of about 85000 pounds per inch processing for 5 minutes, sterilization temperature than the commercial production of pasteurized low temperature, it can minimize the generation of associated with cooking flavor compounds.HPP milk can be stored in cold storage for at least 45 days.France: degreased heating preservation

        According to introducing, this new approach is to skim of fresh milk, first let the skimmed milk 

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