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        Probiotics fermentation technology solves the problem of fruit and vegetable processing

        Date:2017-12-11 Author:銀洲機械 Click:824

        China is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, but its processing rate is less than 1/5 of that of developed countries.There are many problems in traditional fruit and vegetable processing, such as high energy consumption, high pollution, long production cycle, poor taste and large nutrition loss. It is urgent to seek advanced fruit and vegetable precision processing technology to solve them.

        Probiotic fermentation technology of this advanced food processing technology is introduced into the field of deep processing of fruit and vegetable food, effectively solve the insufficiency of the traditional fruit and vegetable processing technology, the technology not only retain the product nutrients at the same time, and does not produce waste residues, greatly reducing the pollution and waste, to achieve the perfect "metamorphosis" fruit and vegetable products.

        Ming-yong xie, nanchang university professor team take the lead in the probiotic fermentation technology of this advanced food processing technology is introduced into the field of fruit and vegetable food deep processing, the research for 16 years in this year, had created a probiotic fermented fruit and vegetable, middle and downstream of the whole industry chain key technology innovation system, breaking the fruit and vegetable fermentation lactic acid bacteria high-throughput screening and highly active engineering bacterium agent series of technology such as large-scale preparation of bottleneck, the first master is suitable for industrialized production of fruit and vegetable fermentation bacteria and fungi preparation such as the core technology, has developed an "safety, nutrition, delicious, convenient" probiotic fermented fruits and vegetables such as distinctive features a new series of products,The project has met the public's demand for convenient access to high-quality fruit and vegetable food, especially for improving the processing rate of fruits and vegetables in China and solving the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".Project has given rise to a new fermented fruit and vegetable green manufacturing industry, has realized the probiotic fermented fruit and vegetable industrialization of key technology breakthrough, promoted our country fruit and vegetable food in strong international competitiveness, promote the advance of science and technology of fruit and vegetable deep processing industry in China.

        At present, the fruit and vegetable juice sold in the market is usually made by pressing. If it needs to be transported over a long distance, it should be concentrated first, transported to the consumer land, mixed with water, and then reduced to fruit and vegetable juice.If the probiotics with independent intellectual property rights are screened, the probiotics can be processed into agents that can be transmitted over a long distance and realize the preservation of live bacteria, and finally form fruit and vegetable juice products through industrial fermentation.Such fruit and vegetable juice can be kept at room temperature and quality for one year under sterilization conditions.In addition, fruit and vegetable juice produced by probiotics fermentation has rich nutrition and better flavor.Take carrot juice as an example, wherein the content of caicotin is 10 times higher than that of the marketed product, and dietary fiber is more than 6 times higher than that of the marketed product.High fiber content of fruits and vegetables after pressing, to ensure the taste, often need to be deslag treatment.However, carotene is a lipid soluble nutrient that is lost with waste residue in the process of deslagging.

        Probiotics fermented fruit and vegetable juice to achieve non-concentrated whole fruit pulp fermentation, not only retained nutrients, and did not produce waste residue, greatly reducing pollution and waste.In addition, probiotics fermentation technology can effectively remove the original earthy flavor of carrots, bitter melon, celery and other vegetables, and increase the sour and delicious taste of the products.At the same time, a large number of short chain fatty acids, viscous polysaccharides and peptides are produced, which are beneficial to human health.

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