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        The growth trend of the juice and beverage industry is slowing down

        Date:2017-12-04 Author:銀洲機械 Click:780

           Tepid sales in recent years, fruit juice beverage industry, more and more fierce market competition, and many well-known enterprises gradually began to peel "assets", to "light" assets, such as the sale "bottling business", the factory, which has the overcapacity situation, the urgent need to find a suitable model to achieve the efficient allocation of surplus production capacity, and under the influence of the "Shared economy" boom "Shared factory" in the future "sharing" capacity is expected to solve the problem.

        Compared with various tuyere of the Internet industry over the past two years, fruit juice beverage industry as the traditional entity did not feel the hot atmosphere, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the new low survival rate, serious excess capacity, decline in consumer purchasing power objective reality causes such as overall growth has slowed, and even the Coca-Cola, master kong, unity, huiyuan such giant also not easy.

        On November 18, 2016, Coca-Cola sold its bottling business in China to its long-term partners cofco and swire.

        Much performance of coke is gradually stripped "assets", Coca-Cola will sell China "bottling business" to the long-term partner of cofco and swire, because China's coke bottling plants business was Coca-Cola China industrial co., LTD., cofco, swire "three points", the adjustment means, completely abandoned the bottled business in China, Coca-Cola and stripping bottling business industry is generally considered a "lost baggage" save his life.According to some d

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